Denny’s Christmas Hacks

November 27, 2017

Although we think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, we understand that it can be a stressful time particularly when it comes to decorating the house or cooking the Christmas dinner. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 Christmas Hacks that should help to make the festive preparation just a little bit easier.

1.Use dark green tinsel to make the Christmas tree look fuller.

Tree and tinsel

2. Make this year’s advent calendar personal by creating your own.

Advent Calendar

3. Wrap Christmas lights on a hanger to prevent them from becoming tangled.



4. Turn a sock into a coffee cup cosy:

Cut off the top portion of a sock above the heel. Measure the sock to the cup and cut to size. Slip the sock onto your cup and enjoy!

Coffee cup cosy

5. Perfect Roast Potatoes:

From our experience we’ve learned that it’s best not to salt the potatoes until half way through their time in the oven. If you season them too soon, the salt will draw out all their water and make them more likely to stick to the tray.

Roast Potatoes

6. Use a slow cooker to make hot chocolate for a crowd:

If your slow cooker has been sitting in the press gathering dust, now is the time to use it! Warm up the family up from the cold with a big batch of hot chocolate heated straight from the slow cooker!

Hot Choc Canva

7. Keep gravy warm in a thermal flask:

There’s nothing worse than cold gravy! To avoid this, keep the gravy in a thermal flask and then transfer to a gravy boat when you’re ready to serve.


8. Make Santa strawberries with whipped cream for a lighter Christmas dessert option.

Santa Strawberries

9. Don’t splash out on expensive candles – make them yourself using oranges:

Simply slice the orange in half and remove the flesh from inside the orange taking care not to remove the stem (this will become the candle “wick”). Pour some oil into the orange half (we recommend olive oil) now light the “wick” and enjoy the sweet aroma of oranges in your home.

Orange Candle

10. Wet your fingers to remove egg shell:

For anyone who doesn’t love cooking this can be recurring problem when you try your hand at baking. Be sure to avoid the unpleasant surprise of finding large chunks of egg shell in the Christmas dessert by simply wetting your fingers to pick out the shell from the mixture.

Egg Shell